Introducing the World to Juice Cleanse

Introducing the World to Juice Cleanse

Juice cleanse has been gaining popularity lately due to people becoming more health conscious in their lives.  However, juice cleanse and detoxification through natural means have been around for decades.   What is it really?  The only way I can define it is the procedure by which you clean your body of harmful toxins that you currently have by consuming raw and organic vegetable and juices.  Doing this will help you be healthy, feel better about yourself and shed a few pounds.

The most popular juice cleanse systems are the 3 day and 7 day juice cleanses.  Both types involve following a program for the duration of a time where a person would get rid of the contaminants in his or her body and replace them with raw and organic food, namely juices.

Most of the Juices that form part of the juice cleanse can be divided between juices that help your liver to recover, juices that pump up your immune, system, juices, that help healing your body,  green juices, etc.  Those divisions are primarily based  on what included in the type of juice that you are drinking.  For example,  a green juice may contain, green vegetable and plant like celery, parsley, kale, green apple, cucumber, etc.

After you accomplish a 3-day and 7-day juice cleanse system, you will definitely feel better about yourself.  I can go on and on telling you the benefits of  juice cleanses but remember that whatever juice cleanse system you choose, there are usually three phases, such as pre-cleanse, cleanse and post-cleanse. has a very good article on how to juice cleanse.  I encourage that anyone who is interested of learning more about juice cleanse and how to do it to read.  In the process, you might want to check out a few of their green juices and recipes.  Your health will thank you for it.

Dollar Shave Club Vs Bargain Razors

The internet is  now full of stories about high cost of shavers and the efforts by consumers to buy razors at a cheaper price.  One of the site that was created to help consumers in that effort is the Dollar Shave Club.  The idea was simple just offer three types of razors to customers who pay a monthly membership fee to acquire razors below the cost of what supermarket charges.

With customers wanting more choices, a new bargain razor club was created.  Unlike Dollar Shave Club,  offers five types of razors at a cheaper price to its members per month. With the market wanting to see razor prices becoming more affordable this new shaving razor club is bound to take the shaving market by storm.


Introducing Domain Privacy Pro

Introducing Domain Privacy Pro

Domain Privacy Pro is pleased to announce that it is now offering domain privacy services to domain owners who know and understand the importance of shielding their personal information from the public.  In the past domain owners who wanted to keep their personal information private only had one choice, which was buying whois privacy services a high price from their domain name registrar.

With Domain Privacy Pro,  website and domain owners now have a choice.  They can now use an independent domain privacy company and pay much less than what the domain registrars charge.  Take control with domain privacy pro.

Marking the Opening of The Treasury on the Plaza

Marking the Opening of The Treasury on the Plaza

When Treasury on the Plaza announced the opening of its wedding reception venue in downtown Saint Augustine, we were ecstatic because they are recognized as  a leader in the event management industry and had chosen for the venue a building that is considered one of the most historic addresses in Florida.

Alluding to the opening of their new st Augustine wedding venue, A senior spokesperson from the company said, “We recognize that wedding day is one of the most important days in someone’s life.  This is why we have transformed one of the most glamorous and historic buildings in downtown St Augustine into one the most stylish St. Augustine wedding venues.” The spokesperson further added that ” We have the experience, expertise  and a team of professional wedding staff to make that special day unforgettable for wedding couples and their families.”

When asked about decision to choose as wedding venue, a building listed listed as a ‘significant element’ in historic St. Augustine on The National Register of Historic Places,  she also said, “Our clients are so excited to have such a beautiful, elegant and historic venue to host the most special day of their lives.  We wanted our clients and their families to feel that they stepped back into the glorious past of this historic place, when when they walked, but at the same time enjoy the luxury of all the modern conveniences.”

Discussing the different wedding packages that the company offers, she added, “while we have a premier wedding ceremony and reception location, our packages are reasonable and designed to meed wedding budget of every couple who chooses our venue for their wedding.  We wanted our clients and their families to feel that they stepped back into the glorious past of this historic place, when when they walked, but at the same time enjoy the luxury of all the modern conveniences.”

In sum, if you are looking for a perfect destination for your wedding, choosing the most historic of  wedding venues in Florida, will make your wedding memorable.